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Canadian Pizza Plus!

Your community supported, small family run restaurant. At Canadian Pizza Plus, we do things differently. We believe making money
is important, but our priority is you – our customers. We believe in you; we listen and we make every effort to deliver. Because we must learn,

We are not afraid to ask our customers about their likes or dislikes. Truly, our customers are our guides.

Canadian pizza Plus (formerly Canadian Pizza delight) has been in business since 1984. In May of 2013, it changed hands and once again became a small family run operation, as has been in the past.

Quality Food

Grew up in a rural part of the country, where education was a luxury and making money even as a kid as young as 4 was a fair game. Bringing food on the table was more important.

Fastest Delivery

A truly win-win for all! Canadian pizza Plus is committed to making Forest Grove Elementary’s school garden club a success and together as a community, we can do this.

Fastest Delivery

We make our patron's foremost and deliver the best service to anyone who walks in our store and or order online.

Original Recipe

Our Recipes are original and made with passion bringing together two celebrated ethnic food Italian & Indian.

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